Favourite Links

The Resus RoomJames Yates, once worked in Christchurch, is a Specialist Paramedic (Critical Care) with the Great Western Air Ambulance based in Bristol.

EMCrit – The best critical care podcasts!

SMACC – The best critical care conference!!

Life in the Fast Lane – Chris Nickson is a Kiwi doc heading this top blog site.

Resus me – Cliff Reid is the medical director of Great Sydney Area HEMS.

PHARM – Minh is a Otago graduate prehospital and retrieval medicine specialist.

The Sharp End – Great blog created by EM docs at Middlemore Hospital.

ECG Weekly -Dr. Amal Mattu, what a legend!!!

Dr. Smith’s ECG Blog – another famous ECG site.

St John CPG 2016~2018 Comprehensive – St John password required

St John FOAM – Great choice of various FOAMs.

St John Clinical Wiki – Great way to stay current with our CPG.

International Guidelines

ILCOR / AHA / ERC – Resuscitation Guidelines

Brain Traum Foundation Guidelines for Prehospital Management of TBI, 2nd Ed.

Wilderness Medical Society Practice Guidelines for the Out-of-Hospital Evaluation and Treatment of Accidental Hypothermia Zafren_2014_Accidental Hypothermia

Wilderness Medical Society Practice Guidelines for the Prevention and Treatment of Heat-Related Illness: 2014 Update Lipman_2014_Wilderness-Heat-Related Illness

Wilderness Medical Society Practice Guidelines for Treatment of Exercise-Associated Hyponatremia: 2014 Update Bennett_2014_Exercise-Associated Hyponatremia

Undergrad and Postgrad studies

Auckland University of Technology – Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedicine)

Whitirea Polytechnic Wellington – Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedicine)

Charles Sturt University – Bachelor of Clinical Practice (Paramedic)

Victoria University – Bachelor or Paramedicine

Finders University – Bachelor or Paramedic Science

Auckland University of Technology – Postgrad Pathway

Whitirea Polytechnic Wellington – PgCert in Speciality Care

University of Otago –Postgraduate Diploma in Aeromedical Retrieval

Bond University – Graduate Certificate in Retrieval Medicine

James Cook University –Graduate Certificate in Aeromedical Retrieval

Sydney University – Masters in Medicine (Critical Care Medicine)