This site is dedicated for the special team of paramedics based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The Red Shift monthly clinical catch ups (Coffee & Cases) is supplemented by the online discussion and the links (FOAM/FOAMed) to learn from the world’s best.
* FOAM = Free Open Access Meducation

Dr. Scott Orman from Auckland HEMS stated in 2013;

  1. Social media for FOAM is tremendously powerful, and it is here to stay. We should embrace it as a teaching tool.
  2. The power of FOAM lies in the ability to transmit not just medical information, but EXPERIENCE – i.e valuable lessons that you would otherwise learn the hard way in resus or on the road.
  3. Although there are risks in using FOAM, the benefits vastly outweigh them.
  4. There is a moral (but possibly not legal) responsibility on the part of someone producing/disseminating FOAM material to ensure that it is as accurate as possible.
  5. The legal responsibility for translating FOAM material into clinical care ultimately lies with the clinician who provides care to the patient.

Please be kind to share your knowledge and experience.