ED Observer Shift for Paramedics

This is a blog message to the paramedics who is on the payroll in Christchurch metro, Rangiora, Rolleston, and Kaiapoi.

Hi all,

Thank you for accommodating the ED staff observing ambulance shifts.
The feedbacks have been 100% positive and more ED staff are keen and booked to come and have a look at what we do.
Now it’s our turn!
It’s been a lot of work behind the scenes but Suzi (ED Consultant), with the backing of the ED Clinical Director (Dr David Richards), has managed to allow some paramedics to observe in the ED.
* For those new to the Christchurch team, this is a staff initiative “Christchurch ED/Paramedic Collaboration Project” to create closer working relationship between ED and ambulance staff here in Christchurch.
Christchurch Hospital is a teaching hospital, and ED is very busy with nursing and medical students.
As a result, we are initially limiting the invitation to the staff on the Christchurch Ambulance Road Staff emailing list.
Few points:
1. It is a voluntary initiative. If seen to be valuable, who knows St John may fund it as part of CCE in future?
2. Observer shift – it is not for you to practice your skills. It is the time to observe, get to know and have in-depth discussions with hospital staff.
3. Uniform must be worn and St John ID to be carried.
4. Must start at the designated time although you can leave early without completing the whole shift.
5. You’ll be allocated either an RN for EMT/Paramedics, or Dr for ICP at the start of the shift. However, Drs especially spend a lot of time documenting so you are allowed to float in the department and chase any interesting cases as they come in.
6. Fill in the form attached, email it with your application, then take a copy with you on the day.
7. Apply 3 weeks in advance with 3~4 options for the day/time you wish to observe.
Four time slots are available but only one staff can be accommodated on each shift.
0630 ~ with RN for EMT/Paramedics
0800~ with EM Doc for ICP 
1430 ~ with RN for EMT/Paramedics
1600 ~ with EM Doc for ICP
* ICP can shadow RN if they prefer.
Please email your application (and questions) to;
Suzi has posted a blog article to help you enjoy the day in ED so check it out!
There is also a closed Facebook group, currently with 156 ED and St John members, if you would like to follow and contribute to the ED/Paramedic Collaboration Project.

Grab this fantastic opportunity while it lasts!


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