High Performance / Pit Crew CPR update

Hi all,

We have our first SIM practice for 2018 coming up shortly on the 7th/March.
We will re-visit and update the “Red Shift Pit Crew CPR” and try upping our game with some new staff on Red shift.

It is the practical application that counts the most and we need to practice, hence we need your participation.
If you are still not convinced about the benefit the high performance CPR can bring, please have a chat with your colleague or do a quick search on Google as I’m sure it won’t take long before you will be inspired by fantastic results achieved by some EMS.

You can also read some of the articles we created last year, although we can perhaps do an update after this session, but the key elements are;

  1. CRM / leadership
  2. Scene setting (360 degree access, gear placements etc)
  3. High performance CPR

Check out this article to see the key elements of the high performance BLS.
What we are aiming for is the high performance ALS but it obviously needs to build on the solid BLS, and we need YOUR help to get our team to the next level!

* Please note this article also mentions about MICR or Minimally Interrupted Cardiac Resuscitation. St John however has identified some flaws with this concept so we are sticking with the “Seatlle Model”.

Once again…this is all about the team work (pit crew!).
So we really need to practice with you.

Yes, it’s you!

Ahaha, OK it is still a voluntary catch up and I appreciate you have your life to enjoy outside of work but we will be regularly running the SIM practice this year so please join us when you can!


Good read/watch:

History of High Performance CPR

The circle of life presentation by London Ambulance Service

Pit Crew CPR post by Hannah G

St John Pit Crew CPR intro

St John Pit Crew CPR part 2


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