C & C Dec 2017 – Thank you!

Hi guys,

Another great turn out, and it was fantastic having Suzi for the first time.
I was impressed at the level of dedication as it was an insanely hot day and it would had been much better spending the day off at the beach!

Huge thanks for showing up to make the day worthwhile for everyone!


Thank you for everyone contributed throughout 2017 and made our C & C very very successful!!!


Subjects we covered include;

DCR (Damage Control Resuscitation)

We talked about the concept of DCR, and how the concept is applied to CPG as “4.6 Hypovolaemia from uncontrolled bleeding”.
Suzi had kindly posted a blog article on the concept of DCR so please check it out!

Pelvic injury

Jack did a fantastic presentation for the management of pelvic #.
Here is a great blog page for those couldn’t attend this C & C.
Thanks Jack!

ED/Paramedic collaboration & C & C 2018

Suzi is working from her end in ED, and we will do our bit to further improve ED and paramedics working together as a team. Some great initiatives are coming up so, please keep an eye on and participate by contacting myself, Shane L, Andrew O, or Hannah G.

While it will still be called “Red Shift C & C”, the many of the original members have departed for the various missions, and the current core members have decided it is time to make it into the Christchurch wide initiative.
We will also invite ED staff to the future C & Cs as a part of the collaborative effort.

Recruiting C & C helpers

We need more people helping drive the C & C and ED/Para collaboration project.
Please let me know if you are interested in getting involved.


Well, that’s it from me for 2017.
We will get in touch in January for the proposed program for 2018!

Have a great Christmas!!!




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