Introducing Suzi !

Hi all,

Well, I’m very excited and pleased to be able to introduce Dr Suzi to our Coffee & Cases.
Responding to our request for better ED/Paramedic collaboration, Suzi is kindly giving up her time to attend our C & C, as well as posting articles to help us establish a forum where we can freely exchange paramedic/ED staff views across.

ETM profile.jpg
Hi! I’m Dr Suzi Hamilton, an emergency medicine specialist.  Originally from the UK, I moved to Christchurch just in time for the big earthquakes: the teamwork and camaraderie I was witnessed were major reasons I stayed. Having trained across the South Island, Christchurch is now home – biking or running in the hills and mountains here provides my sanity between shifts! My interests are medical education, toxicology, human factors and doctors’ well-being.  Adventures and new challenges keep me ticking, hence I do expedition work in Antarctica, the Arctic, the Himalaya and around the Pacific Islands. I’m an instructor on courses teaching emergency trauma management, rural medicine, fellowship exams, and am an active member of our college mentoring committee.  Happy to chat any time, and always looking for new ways to improve our part in the patient journey.

Thanks Suzi!!!
Please note, our C & C is a voluntary staff initiative for paramedics based in Christchurch.

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