The Resus Room Podcast Roadside to Resus – Cardiac Arrest

Have you checked another fantastic podcast by James Yates and his colleagues?

It may be to do with their accent, but I just find this series so easy to listen to and love it!

One thing on this podcast you will notice is the guys in the UK don’t practice “pre-charging” towards the end of 2 mins CPR.
We’ve been practising this for a while, and I have taken it for granted as a standard practice, so it was hard case hearing James and his friends talking about it as something foreign. Nevertheless, good point about bringing in new protocol requires system-wide education and training.

We have good stats here in NZ, and anecdotally many of us see the success should be credited to the co-responding fire crew, and perhaps the good rate of bystander CPR occuring.
Karen C was telling me recently that the success rate of gaining ROSC here is much higher than when she was practising in the UK, and her observation kind of echoes the stats mentioned on the podcast.
We can still do much better tho, so kudos to you lot but let’s keep practising to catch up with the world leaders such as the guys in Seattle who came up with the Pit Crew CPR concept!

Our CPG recommends;

“In manual mode, defibrillators should be charged toward the end of the two-minute cycle, while chest compressions continue. This minimises the time delay between stopping chest compressions and delivering a shock. If a shock is not required the charge should be cancelled.”


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