FOAMed for paramedics

Holden et al. recently raised a question on this article about the potential influence on FOAMeds for the “Push dose vasopressors” use in ED (for being slightly too anecdotal), which reminded me about the importance of my attitude towards learning and practice.

FOAM gives us opportunities to learn from the world’s experts and that’s very exciting.
However, let’s not forget the FOAMs we refer to are largely for ED docs based on in-hospital evidence (often scientific).

We have very limited prehospital scientific evidence, and we also have to be reminded about the fact that much of our work cannot be explained by science.

Let’s stay humble and…

Primum non nocere!



Holden, D., Ramich, J., Timm, E., Pauze, D., & Lesar, T. (2017). Safety Considerations and Guideline-Based Safe Use Recommendations for “Bolus-Dose” Vasopressors in the Emergency Department. Annals of Emergency Medicine.



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