C & C Sep 17


Hey guys,

Thanks for another great C & C!
For those couldn’t make it, today we had some discussions around PEPS and SE.

PEPS stands for Performance Enhancing Psychological Skills and Andrew did an awesome presentation.
He started out his presentation by talking about the mind of resuscitationest that lead to the discussion around PEPS and the tool you may want to use in the critical moment.

It must sound pretty ‘out there’ without any knowledge of PEPS so it’s best for you to check out the previous posts Andrew put up – Tools for the dowward spiral, Practice Changers, as well as his powerpoint presentation used today.

It is about the paradigm shift, cultural change, so it will take a while to sink in, but I feel it’s an important skill and concept that we should all learn hence strongly recommend you checking out the subject!

We also discussed SE – status epilepticus, to think about when to intervene when to call for ICP or RSI back up etc.
Please check out my SE blog if you haven’t, and carry on having case discussions on shift.

Finally, we talked about spending more time during the shift for case discussions, debrief etc., and to make the new staff feeling welcomed into the red shift team environment.

We have two more C & C left for 2017.
We are going to plan another SIM Suite practice session in October with skill stations and resus (RSI) scenario once again with strong team focus.

Thanks again for another great C & C, and I look forward to seeing you again next month!




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