Red Shift C & C First Anniversary!


Thanks for all your effort and contribution towards another successful C & C!

While we had quite a few last minute cancellations (with apologies), it still ended with very worthwhile practice and discussions for me, and I hope those attended also took something home.

Special thanks to Jumbo for organising the BBQ (supplied by St John management), and Jo for the great scenarios. It was also good to see some old and new faces to our C & C.

Sorry if you couldn’t make it today but hope you’ll catch up on our discussions on shift or through this blog.

The next month’s C & C will be on;

18/Aug/17 (1000~1200hrs) @ Hornby Spoke.

* I’d put Midazolam as a tentative subject, but I’ll be in Japan and need someone to facilitate so the subject can be set to anything that the facilitators decide

Thanks again!!!

PS. For those at BBQ, thanks a lot for giving my child a lot of Fanta. He is still running around at 9:30 pm!

PPS. The blog design has been updated to mark our 1st anniversary. I hope you like it!





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