Hi Team

The link below is a great podcast discussion that James Yates (Critical Care Paramedic, UK and former St John Paramedic, Christchurch) recently took part in. James discusses refractory VF and treatment with Double Sequential Defibrillation.
Some advanced stuff, but James talks about the initial resuscitation process during the first part of the podcast. James refers to a lot of the processes we do and need to undertake during a cardiac arrest which follows on nicely from today’s Pit Crew CPR


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  1. jumbojs says:

    Definitely understand your frustration when the patient reverted the other day


  2. Andrew O says:

    Good conversation, especially the specification that all the normal troubleshooting steps should be taken before considering DSD… also like the emphasis being placed on the continuation of quality compressions and that no matter how slick you are, putting on A/P placement is going to jeopardise this. God he’s a smooth sounding human as well…

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