Paediatric Quiz

Slight delay but this is a follow up blog for our last C & C when Karen took a real fun session on paeds. Thanks Karen, it was fantastic.

Karen was going to type up the quiz but her typewriter is probably broken (and her pigeon is sick to tell me about it) so I’m putting up some links for the online flashcard I used when I did an AUT paper called Paramedic Theory and Management (PTM).

These were created purely for my own learning so it may not make much sense and be useful to you.
The main part of learning is actually creating your own flashcard and I certainly recommend you doing that.

You also need to become a member of StudyBlue (yes another membership) to use the flashcards but I find it really useful and use this for petty much everything, particularly for remembering CPG.

See if you like it.

Paeds Assessment

Paeds Differences

Paeds Respiratory

Paeds Acute Abdo

Paeds Trauma/NAI

I have also created a series of flashcards for the CPG and any StudyBlue member can search or join the class and use them. Here is an example.

Drug preparation / administration



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