St John Pit Crew CPR (Part 2)

Hi Red shift.

Another Coffee and Cases has come and gone.

The focus this time was back on Pit Crew CPR, which was covered in our last St John CCE. Pit crew CPR or High performance CPR will take time to be a well established practice in our resuscitation procedure.

This session of Coffee and Cases we continued the great work that Hannah and Andrew had started with the introduction of the Pit Crew model back in January and expanded on it.

Our focus was to slow the process down and break down the key elements surrounding Pit Crew CPR.

5 questions

Key Element 1:

Move the patient to allow 360deg access

Key Element 2:

Correct Gear placement (don’t be too anally retentive about gear placement, but there are some important considerations for why gear is placed where it is)

Posistions 2


Key Element 3:

Person at the head does First 2min CPR (regardless of qualification)


Key Element 4:

5 key questions (gives you an overall picture of the resuscitation – Key elements for a handover to other crews)

5 key questions

Key Element 5:

Identifying roles  

Position 1 role: (Airway)

  • Assess A,B,C
  • Begins immediate chest compressions if cardiac arrest is established
  • Alternates compressions and BVM

Position 2 role: (Defibrillator)

  • Applies defibrillator\AED pads
  • Operates defibrillator\AED at end of each two minute cycle
  • Alternates compressions with Position 1
  • Ventilates with BVM when not carrying out compressions

Position 3 role: (Airway Assistant)

  • Gathers required airway and ventilation equipment
  • Opens and clears airway
  • Inserts OPA\NPA\LMA device
  • Assembles and applies BVM using 2 handed technique is using NPA\OPA ensuring not to hyperventilate the patient

Position 4 role: (Team Leader)

  • Acts as team leader
  • Rotates and assists where needed
  • Family liaison
  • Records times and interventions

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  1. Tatsu Kuwasaki says:

    Thanks for the great summary.
    We just need to practice now!


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