EM Alliance ECG – Case 5

45 YOM, BP 85/55, altered LOC…


ECG courtesy of  http://www.emalliance.org/


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  1. Tatsu Kuwasaki says:

    Congratulations Bev for not only the correct diagnosis, but also for being brave enough to submit your thoughts. While I do my best to make this blog most user friendly, I can still understand why people may be hesitant in posting. I just hope this is stimulating for some of you.

    Here is a couple of links if you haven’t visited before.




  2. archers3 says:

    ?Tricyclic overdose – TCA binds to myocardial sodium channels causing blockade & delay in cardiac conduction:
    – Wide QRS complex
    – Right axis deviation
    – Positive/tall R wave aVR
    The hypotension & lowered LOC also fit within the signs & symptoms of TCA OD, although I’d still be wanting to gain more pt history.
    – Airway management
    – High flow O2
    – Large fluid challenge to increase sodium ions & improve BP

    That’s my thoughts …


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