St John Pit Crew CPR

Thank you all for contributing once again to another successful C & C.

While the red shift was slightly ahead of its times, St John is endorsing the Pit Crew approach and it’s part of our new CPG.

You’ll go through this on CCE (if you haven’t done so yet), but here is the summary of how St John is introducing the concept.

Main concept to ensure high performance CPR

1. Minimise interruptions to CPR

2. Continous chest compression when ETT or LMA is in situ

3. Ensure chest compression rate of 100-120pm

4. Ensure chest compression depth 1/3 to 1/2 of chest in adults

5. Allow complete recoil

6. Change every 2 mins

7. Ensure early defibrillation

Pit Crew CPR

1. is a model used to increase efficiency and minimise errors in the resus attempt

2. provides a set of pre-defined rules and tasks for each team member to carry out.

3. Since the sequences of events at a cardiac arrest are predictable, policies and procedures can assist with the smooth running of the resus attempt.

4. The crews only take the gear in that they require.

5. Equipment is placed purposefully so that each officer has access to the gear that they require.

6. Communication is clear and concise.

7. There is a flattened hierarchy where less qualified members of the team area able to respectfully challenge decisions.

8. There is closed loop communication between the team where crews confirm their understanding of the message and report back when a task is complete.

9. The team leader directs the team as to where they are to be positioned and what roles they will perform. They maintain oversight of the scene.

Roles & Positions

pit crew position.PNG

pit crew roles.PNG

Basically, it’s identical to what we’ve researched ourselves (thanks Hannah!), and..

what’s important is how we are going to implement this theory into practice.

I believe we all appreciate the importance of regular SIM practice, so I will keep organising more SIM days, possibly at different venue for more casual meet, and also with fire guys in coming months.

Cheers for being such an awesome team!



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