EWS (Early Warning Score) tools assist with the recognition and appropriate management of clinically deteriorating patients and the patient at risk of clinical deterioration and is complimentary to skilled clinical assessment and decision making*.

Early Warning Score (EWS) Management Protocol (CDHB)

Wellington ICU EWS & Vital Sign Chart

You may also remember the article I introduced during the discussions around sepsis. The article found the EWS (called NEWS in the UK) to be the overall winner when compared to qSOFA or SIRS criteria in screening very sick patient (best sensitivity vs specificity balance).

Once again, our Blair has made an effort to get us the reference card so we can have it in our pocket. EWS is used in our ED and it’s good to speak the same language.

*IMPORTANT! Please be clear that, although it should compliment our practice based on our CPG, this is not a clinical tool that defines your clinical interventions, such as administering antibiotics etc, simply based on the score.


Churpek, M. M., Snyder, A., Han, X., Sokol, S., Pettit, N., Howell, M. D., & Edelson, D. P. (2016). qSOFA, SIRS, and Early Warning Scores for Detecting Clinical Deterioration in Infected Patients Outside the ICU. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. https://doi.org/10.1164/rccm.201604-0854OC


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