C & C Nov 2016

Hi guys,

We had another great discussions this morning about sepsis/septic shock, resuscitation guidelines, adrenaline for cardiac arrest etc, etc.

Summary of the sepsis discussions have been already uploaded, and I hope Adrian will be able to upload something about his study on adrenaline.

Blair is kindly gathering information around ISBAR (hand over technique) and EWS (Early Warning Score).

I’m now planning our next SIM practice titled “Pit Crew CPR” in late Jan 17.

We will be discussing how we can improve our resuscitation effort as a team, and also working with other helpers such as fire guys, doctors and nurses.

Hannah is collaborating the information about “Pit Crew CPR” for us.
We will all get involved to work out how we can apply the approach to our practice here on the red shift.
Please help Hannah if you know any good articles, web links etc.

I’m also pleasantly surprised that many people are still very keen on C & C, especially for more SIM practices. The crew today suggested that they’d be keen to do some kind of SIM practice every 3~4 months, and carry on with the monthly catch ups.

It is totally voluntary and no pressure. Please show up and say as much or as little as you want.

Thank you for all your effort in making our C & C very successful this year!!!




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