12 Lead ECG

Hi guys,

Soon, we will be starting a series of ECG cases. Please publish interesting ECGs that you come across and share your learning with others!

IMPORTANT! This series contains advanced ECG interpretations and may be confusing for some. There are many exceptions to the rule and we need to stay humble with the ECG interpretation, keep revisiting the basics, and keep them in the context of prehospital application. Most importantly, always look at the patient, not the machine!

And just a brief FOAM links….

As many of you are aware, my ECG hero is Dr. Amal Mattu so I use…

  1. Rate and Rhythm
  2. Axis
  3. Intervals – PRI, QRS, QTc
  4. Enlargement – LVH, RVH
  5. Ischemia/Infarction – >2 contiguous ST elevation, reciprocal ST depressions etc

Run through the differentials when you encounter abnormalities!

Dr. Mattu has a fantastic ECG Weekly Blog cost only US$26 a year.
I also loved his Premier ECG Workshop and definitely recommend it!

If you are not convinced, Dr. Mattu used to upload weekly cases on Youtube and you can still find these old cases for free. They are sooo good that someone created a webpage for the easy access to these amazing videos.

* Dr. Mattu’s courses assume you have basic proficiency in 12 lead ECG interpretation.

And of course we all have to keep vising “Life in the Fast Lane (LIFL)” ECG Library to review and remember the basics.

  • A to Z diagnosis list containing examples of every ECG diagnosis we could think of, along with some clinical pearls and tips for interpretation.
  • An explanation of some basic terminology and principles in the ECG Basics section.
  • A variety of ECG clinical cases to test your interpretation skills.
  • Links to some of the best ECG resources out there for ongoing learning.

Cheers team!



One Comment Add yours

  1. Tatsu Kuwasaki says:

    Unfortunately, many of the Dr Mattu’s YouTube clips are no longer available.
    However, his ECG Weekly costs only a little and worth every cent so check it out!


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