Airway & Vent SIM

Hey guys,

Thanks for all your effort in making this SIM practice fun and worthwhile.
I know some of you probably didn’t get what you really wanted but I think it was good for our team spirit at least!

Some of the key take home points include:

  • Master the basics – 2 persons thumbs down BVM etc
  • Practice your airway drills – BVM set up, failed intubation, airway assistant
  • Slow down/pause to administer high quality interventions – e.g. no point in having poor IV

Please review our airway/vent blogs and access amazing FOAM, and also let us know if you also have pearls, thoughts, more FOAM links etc.

Assessing airway / Ventilation

Basic Airway Care


Airway Assistant

The next C & C….

Can we please have a couple of people to either present a case or interesting studies you can share with us?



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