Surgical Airway

Hey : )

Here is a quick post about the surgical airway.

CICO = Can’t Intubate, Can’t Oxygenate leave us with the only choice to proceed with surgical airway. (Needle/Jet ventilation is no longer recommended even for kids.)
And for ICPs, some situation we may need to be proactive and be ready for the surgical airway. What kind of situations?

Identify, cut, finger, bougie, tube… yeah, it is a simple technique with still hands but I’d be surprised if my hands don’t shake when I have to cut someone’s throat…

Anyway, can’t do better than watching a couple of videos available online so here is a couple of links to my favourite “Cric” videos.

Surgical Airway (Cricothyrotomy) Performed by Ram Parekh

Scalpel Finger Bougie Cricothyrotomy from SMACC 2014

Levitan on the Surgical Airway (EMCrit Podcast 119)

How to Build the Ultimate Cricothyrotomy Trainer with Chris Bond


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