Q: Airway assistant

Hey team : )

OK, we are giving up on Blair as he is not getting better and we have other things to do before the SIM practice. We may come back to him later.


  1. What makes you become a great advanced airway assistant?
  2. What skills required to be a fantastic airway assistant?


….also just a quick reminder for the C & C = SIM practice, thanks for the great response for the participation!!! It will be a good fun day of learning from each other.

The Red Shift C & C
Date: 8/Sep/16 (Thu)
Time: 1300~1700 hrs
Place: SIM Suite (Durham St.)


1300~1400 Skill station for BVM, LMA, Laryngoscopy, ETI
1400~1500 Scenarios
1500~ Afternoon tea – Thanks mama Jude, Letitia, and I know Hannah is also a great baker…and there is no reason to stop boys from contributing 🙂
1530~1700 More scenarios
1700~ Unwind with beer or your preferred method @ TBC *

* Can someone please suggests a place to unwind?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. judegi says:

    I don’t know why Im meant to provide baking!!! lol But, Ill scratch around the cuboards and see what I can find. Honestly, the kitchen is not my favourite place….no ball and chain for me!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tatsu Kuwasaki says:

      I can only try and see we now have baking. Thanks Jude : )


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