Neonatal resuscitation

Hey guys!

We had a great C & C this morning and thanks to all your input particularly to Karen for the awesome lecture and Letitia for the yummy baking.


Follow the neonatal resus guidelines but the main learning point or one thing Karen asked us to take home was the mnemonic we can use for the assessment during neonatal resus, and it’s brilliant!

CTBH = Childbirth = Twitchy Bum Hole

C = colour
T = tone
B = breathing
H = HR

There were some great learning why we need to keep baby warm etc but hope guys attended can leave comments of what they’ve taken home for the people couldn’t attend.

Thanks again and see you on the next C & C !


********** the following is a supplemental notes I created earlier **********

Karen is going to teach us how to resuscitate new born babies tomorrow.
I haven’t really tried getting Karen to do a blog post about the subject as for some reasons I have an impression that Karen doesn’t do this online crap and I should create the post on behalf…
Sorry Karen if my observation is totally wrong… You can do the next post yourself.

First, don’t forget to review P188 of CPG comprehensive – 6.2 Neonatal Resuscitation, but here is a couple of links to the international guidelines.

NZRC/ARC – ANZCOR Guideline 13.1–Introduction to Resuscitation of the Newborn Infant

AHA – Part 13: Neonatal Resuscitation


…hmm dry, aren’t they… Here is something more interesting !


Love youtube and vimeo!
See you at the C & C.

Tatsu (on behalf of Karen)


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